Boy Checking DoctorAt Wee Care Pediatrics, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to do whatever they can to help make you and your child feel comfortable during your time with us.

Meet Our Friendly Staff

Doctor Lourdes Jacobo Doctor Lourdes Jacobo

My mission is to provide the best possible care to our patients, to educate the children of our clinic about the importance of preventive medicine, and the importance of regularly scheduled well child visits to prevent them from getting sick. I also strive to help educate parents and children about proper dietary and exercise programs to prevent obesity. In addition I want the patients to know that I am not only their doctor, but their trusted friend.
Dr. Halpe
My mission is to provide the best care available to my patients and families, and to be resource for the patients and families.
wee care 4 kids Desi

My mission is to provide families with the best possible resources and knowledge to help their children. I want parents to feel at ease at the time of processing referrals and records. I want to provide the best answers for parents and make sure our patients are well take care of outside of our office.
Claudia Claudia
My Mission is to provide the best care to our patients and parents with compassion and understanding.
My Mission is to provide excellent care and quality for all our patients and there families.
jasmine Jasmine
My mission is to provide our patients with excellent care, to make them feel confident in the care they are recieving and for the parents to have a piece of mind when entering and leaving our pediatric facility knowing they have recieved the highest quality of care for their children from our team.

My mission is to provide quality and professional care to each of our patients.
Yvonne Yvonne

My mission is to become the best highly skilled administrator in the valley, working with exceptional staff and doctors in creating Arizona's Finest Pediatric office.
Front Office Supervisor

My mission at Wee Care Pediatrics is to provide excellent service to parents and children and know that we have provided the best care for their children and leave with a smile.

General Manager

My mission is to create a culture of excellence for Wee Care Pediatrics and Pediatric Care in the United States. As I do, I will empower others and myself to make the impossible, possible: excellent health for children and affordable healthcare for all.


“My Mission is to find the best ways to serve each and every patient. As I do, I will create a Pediatric Team that makes the impossible, possible!”
weecare pediatrician