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Office Hours

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Our Regular office hours are listed on the location page.
At all other times, you may call and leave a detailed message including the following information:

One of our staff members will contact you during normal business hours as soon as possible. For emergencies, Dial 911.

Train 1Newborn Notification

Although your newborn has been cared for while in the hospital, your insurance company has not been notified. It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier or the human resource person where you work in order to insure your child. We advise you to document when you have made your call and with whom you have spoken. Your child must be enrolled in your insurance plan within 30 days of birth. Please follow up on your call to confirm enrollment and insurance coverage.

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Appointment AvailabilityTrain 5

Urgent Care or Sick Visits - Urgent care or sick visits can usually be made for the same day. Extremely ill children may be worked in with previously scheduled appointments. Please do not walk in and expect an appointment. You may be asked to schedule an appointment and return later. The office is closed for lunch from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM and the doctor may not be available for an unexpected emergency.

Well Child Exams - Well child exams are scheduled at 3-5 days, 2 weeks and at the following months: 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months, 3 years and then every year. It is best to schedule your next well exam when you check out following your office visit. Appointments can usually be made as early as 2 months prior to the anticipated exam date.

Sports Physicals - Sports and camp physicals are usually performed during Summer months. Please call in the early Summer or late Spring for an appointment.


Twenty-four (24) hour notice is required if you are unable to keep your appointment. Because appointments fill quickly, it will be necessary to charge a twenty-five dollar ($25) fee, if we are not notified or you do not show for a scheduled appointment.

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Medication RefillsTrain 3

Regular Requests - We ask that all requests for refills of prescriptions be made during regular office hours. Having your child's medical record available assures continuity of care. Prescriptions for antibiotics will not be called to pharmacies unless it is in response to testing ordered by the office such as for strep or urine cultures.

Urgent Requests - If your Child's symptoms are severe enough and cannot wait until the next business day, we may direct you to one of the urgent care facilities or hospital emergency rooms. Each insurance plan may contract with different after hours facilities.


Immunizations represent the most important aspect of your child's preventive healthcare. It is also the most expensive. Your insurance may cover all immunizations or only or only until 5 years of age. There may be a dollar limit on all well visits which include immunizations and a well exam. You may qualify for the "Vaccine for Children" program. if you do not have medical insurance or your insurance does not cover immunizations.

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Insurance BenefitsTrain 2

We try to contact many insurance companies prior to your appointment. Please let us know immediately if your insurance coverage has changed. Remember that insurance coverage differs from one employer to another. It is your responsibility to understand the limits and policies of your coverage.

Billing Questions

We strive to insure that all information is entered correctly. If you feel that an error has been made in your account please call the office at 480-890-2273. Payment may be made by credit card, debit card or personal check. Knowingly writing checks against insufficient funds is illegal and punishable by law. There will be a $15 office charge for checks returned unpaid as well as a $25 charge by the check underwriting company with which we work.


Most insurance plans require you to make a co-payment whenever you seek medical services. It is a violation of your contract to refuse to make your co-payment prior to being seen at the office. The payment may represent as much as 50% or more of the total reimbursement. Please be prepared to make your co-payment when checking in at the reception desk.

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